Terms and Conditions


By making a rental and/ or sales transaction with Kheng Sun Hiring Equipments Pte Ltd, the Hirer is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. The Owner reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be reflected in this Terms and Conditions immediately. Please check the latest information posted herein to be informed of any changes.As used in this Agreement, the terms shall have the meanings set forth as follows. “Hirer” shall mean the company or individual who rents any equipment from Kheng Sun Hiring Equipments Pte Ltd. “Owner” shall mean Kheng Sun Hiring Equipments Pte Ltd.


Rental Period and Usage

1.1Minimum rental period is 1 day based on 24-hour cycle starting from the time equipment leaves the workshop until equipment is returned back.
1.2Rental period is inclusive of Sundays and Public Holidays unless otherwise agreed upon.
1.3Equipment operating hours is limited to 10 hours a day, additional hours are subjected to overloading fees of 80% of the daily rental rate.
1.4Rental period does not take into account any external factors that may hinder the usage of equipment. These factors may include and are not limited to bad weather, traffic, site issues, misuses, non-usages, power shutdown, administrative issues, mischief and/or accidental events, etc.
1.5The Hirer is responsible for the condition, cleanliness, pre-usage inspection and maintenance during their rental cycle.

Cancellation or Changes

1.6The Hirer shall inform the Owner at least one week in advance for any rental extension from the initially agreed return date.
1.7The Hirer shall inform the Owner in advance if the equipment used during the rental cycle is required to be shifted to another location. Transportation charges will apply accordingly should the service be needed.
1.8The Hirer shall inform the Owner prior to the scheduled delivery of the equipment should there be the need to cancel the order. Late cancellation charges will apply once the equipment leaves the workshop and the Hirer shall be liable for the transportation costs incurred.


1.9The Hirer is responsible for personnel representing the Owner and their associate members/ partners/ contractors during their visit to Hirer’s site location(s).
1.10The Hirer shall permit the Owner and its associate members/ partners/ contractors at all reasonable times to access the equipment for the purpose of inspection and maintenance.
1.11The Hirer shall facilitate the Owner of any requirement for course(s), permit application(s), licencing requirement(s) and/ or submission(s) prior to start of rental.


For Hirers with Non-Credit Terms

2.1Payment is accepted in Cash, NETS, Cheque (payable to Kheng Sun Hiring Equipments Pte Ltd, or Bank Transfer (UOB: 145-301-191-2). Post-dated cheques are strictly not accepted.
2.2Full rental charges and a refundable security deposit are required to be paid prior to the collection of the equipment.
2.3Should an existing rental duration be extended (See Section 2.6), additional payment shall be made upon return of equipment.
2.4Refunds will be made in Cash and Cheque only.

For Hirers with Credit Terms

2.5Hirers with Credit terms shall make payment to Owner within the period stated in the approved Credit Application.
2.6Late payment is subjected to late fees and interest charges as stated in the Credit Application terms and conditions. All other terms & conditions stated in the Credit Application shall apply.
2.7Hirer who has the intention of applying for Credit terms, will have to meet the pre-requisites stated in the Credit Application. All applications are subjected to approval.


Transportation Charges

3.1Transportation charges shall apply to delivery or collection of equipment upon request by the Hirer.
3.2Transportation charges will be amalgamated if more than 1 equipment rented are delivered to or collected from the same location at the same time, else separate transportation charges shall apply.

Training and Service Support Charges

3.3Equipment training will be provided free-of-charge for the first rental. Subsequent training requested by the Hirer is chargeable at $500 per day (excl. of GST and limited to 4 hours per technician).
3.4Service support charges during office hours shall apply at $200 for the first 2 hours, and subsequent hours at $50 per hour, exclusive of GST. Service support for equipment issues includes misuse, unauthorised alteration(s), modification(s), usage, accident(s) or negligence.
3.5Service support charges for off-office hours shall apply at $200 per hour regardless of the nature of fault, exclusive of GST. Off-office hours are defined as non-operating hours, including Sundays and Public Holidays. (Operating hours [to be updated regularly]: MON – FRI: 0800 – 1700, SAT: 0800 – 1200)

Damage and Cleaning Charges

3.6Cleaning fees shall be imposed on uncleaned rented equipment upon return. Charges differ according to the amount of labour hours and effort spent to clean the equipment. Table 3.6.1 gives an estimated fee for various equipment. Should the equipment be returned in a state which requires more than the usual labour hours to clean, additional cost of $20 will be charged per hour spent cleaning.

Table 3.6.1 Estimated cleaning fees per equipment. List is non-exhaustive.
Compactor Rammer, Concrete Mixer, Hand Grout Pump, Internal Concrete Vibrator, Mini Roller, Plate Compactor, Power Trowel, Ventilation Hose$20 – $200
Grout Pump Hose, Skid Steer Loader$200 – $500
Concrete Grinder/ Grinder Polisher/ Floor Grinders$300
Electric Grout Pump, Sand Screed Pump$500 – $1000
3.7Replacement charges shall be imposed on any part(s) of the equipment or its accessories that are not returned, deemed missing or damaged beyond repair.
3.8Repair charges shall be imposed on any part(s) of the equipment or its accessories which are damaged.
3.9Equipment insurance is not covered in the rental agreement, but is chargeable upon Hirer’s request.

Cancellation and Late Return Charges

3.10Late cancellation charges of a minimum rental period and incurred transportation costs shall apply, should the Hirer cancel the order after the equipment has left the workshop.
3.11Late return charges according to the 24-hour cycle shall apply if the original rental period stated in the rental contract has lapsed and the Hirer failed to extend the rental period in a timely manner. See Table 3.11.1.

Table 3.11.1

No. of Hours LateCharges
0 – 20.25 x 1 day
2 – 40.5 x 1 day
More than 41 day

Partial Return Charges

3.12Rental charges of equipment ordered in a bundle with a group price will lapse if not all the equipment are returned at the same time. Individual pricing charges shall apply to the unreturned equipment accordingly.
3.13Rental charges of original bundle price shall continue to apply if partially returned items are an essential subset of an equipment and the absence of this item prevents the usage and further rental of the said equipment.

Miscellaneous Charges

3.14Off-shore charges shall apply to equipment rental out of mainland Singapore, excluding Jurong Island, at $1000 per equipment, exclusive of GST.



4.1Throughout the entire rental period, the Hirer shall not sell or offer sales, mortgage, pledge, lend or otherwise deal with whole or part of the possession of the equipment without prior written consent by the Owner. The Hirer shall protect the Owner against any distress, execution or seizure of said equipment and indemnify the Owner against all losses, cost, charges, damages and expenses incurred by the Owner.
4.2The Owner shall not be responsible and liable for any near miss(es), mishap(s) and/ or accident(s) arising from the installation or use of the said equipment or otherwise. The Hirer shall take all necessary precautions for the safety of the users and shall indemnify against all claims, actions, proceedings, losses, damages and expenses in that respect.
4.3The Hirer shall ensure that all equipment and/ or its accessories rented are to be returned in a state considered fit for the purpose in which they are intended. Damaged item(s) will be charged accordingly. Any damaged item(s) that is/ are beyond repair or lost will be charged to the Hirer at replacement cost according to the rate, which is advised by the Owner.


4.4Warranty period for product sales is as stipulated in the quotation, limited to manufacturing defects only, excluding consumables and parts specifically stated by the manufacturer(s), subjected to manufacturer’s approval.


5.1Kheng Sun reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time. The amended Terms and Conditions shall at all times be available on our website at <https://www.khengsun.com/index.php/terms-and-conditions/>. Any changes to the Terms and Conditions will become effective upon posting of the revised Terms on the site. Your continued use of our services constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of such changes.