1. Singapore Construction Productivity Week (SCPW) 2017

We are very honoured to be part of Productivity Race 2017 during the Singapore Construction Productivity Week (SCPW)! The objective of the race is to allow students to learn more about productivity in the construction industry and the roles and job scopes of the built environment professions.   This race was held on 26 October, in conjunction with BuildTech Asia 2017 (24 - 26 October). Our company booth was the third race game. Students dropping by our booth had to find the answers to 2 particular questions for the Race, which were carefully crafted by one of our staff.   The event has been featured in the local news for engaging the youth about the Construction & Built Environment Industry, and encouraging them to make use of their IT-savvy expertise to bring the industry to the next level in the near future. Spot our staff in black interacting with the students in the background!   This event was indeed a meaningful one for us, for the students, as well as for the industry. We can't wait for the next race!  
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2. One More Month to…

Yes! It is 1 more month to BuildTech Asia 2017!   We'll be having a great team there showcasing our strength. Wondering what we're up to? Comm'on over:   24 - 26 Oct 2017 Singapore Expo Hall 3 (Booth E09)   Visit the official website & pre-register here.   Follow us for more updates:   We look forward to your presence!
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3. Mechanisation Credit (MechC) Scheme: Are you aware?

Do you know? The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore has the Mechanisation Credit (MechC) Scheme in place to help defray the cost of technology adoption by businesses like you to improve productivity for your construction projects.   If you are not aware, it’s still not too late to check them out and apply now.   Here’s the excerpt taken from the official BCA site for the MechC Scheme:   “ What is it?   The Mechanisation Credit (MechC) scheme helps to defray the cost incurred in technology adoption by companies to improve productivity for their construction projects.   Who is it for?   A contractor, specialist contractor or subcontractor firm incorporated and operating in Singapore will be eligible.   What is it for?   The Mechanisation Credit scheme defrays the cost of technology adoption purchasing or leasing equipment - that improves productivity by at least 20% (Standard MechC Scheme) or 30% (Enhanced MechC Scheme). The Scheme is targeted at construction firms (especially subcontractors) who are looking to using machines and equipment to improve work processes.   How much?   Depending on the impact to the project and the productivity improvement, the funding support is as shown below:  
  Standard MechC Scheme Enhanced MechC Scheme*
For Purchase of Equipment Equipment cost < $100,000, grant up to 50% or capped at $20,000. Equipment cost < $125,000, grant up to 70% or capped at $25,000.
Equipment cost > $100,000, grant up to 20% or capped at $100,000. Equipment cost > $125,000, grant up to 20% or capped at $100,000.
For Leasing of Equipment For leasing cost < $30,000, grant up to 50% or capped at $6,000. For leasing cost < $30,000, grant up to 70% or capped at $6,000.
For leasing cost > $30,000, grant up to 20% or capped at $30,000. For leasing cost > $30,000, grant up to 20% or capped at $30,000.
”   *To qualify for the Enhanced MechC Scheme, please refer to the official site.   The documents required in the application & claiming process are summarized below. As this is only a summary, do remember to check out the full details on the BCA official site here.  
Documents for
Application: Claiming:
Submit at least one (1) working day before the purchase/ lease After the application is approved,
a Quotation of the equipment from chosen supplier a Certificate of origin of the equipment issued by the manufacturer (purchase only)
b Technical brochure of the equipment from the chosen supplier b Invoices (proof of purchase of the equipment)
c Letter of award as proof that the applicant is a party to a construction project c Receipts (with the cheque number and invoice number)
d ACRA (Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority) d Any other supporting documents
e Documents for Enhanced MechC Scheme
f Other documents specified by BCA during the process
  The Guidelines, List of Supportable Equipment and the FAQs can also be downloaded from the official site. The process is really simple. If you have the chance to help improve productivity and at the same time, save costs for your projects, why not? Grab this chance now. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact the staff from BCA below.  
Ms Ezrin Binte Raof DID: 6804 4255 Email: Ezrin_raof@bca.gov.sg Ms Tan Mui Kheng DID: 6804 4257 Email: Tan_mui_kheng@bca.gov.sg
  We sincerely hope your businesses will benefit from this government scheme.
  -   17/08/2017
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4. Clearance Sale 2017

Dear Valued Clients of Kheng Sun, Thank you for supporting Kheng Sun Hiring Equipments Pte Ltd all these while! We're now having a Clearance Sale of the following items while stocks last (Click on the flyer to enlarge)! Do give us a call or drop us an email to express your interest. We look forward to serving you.
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5. Kheng Sun in BuildTech Asia 2016

In collaboration with ACME Equipment Pte Ltd, Kheng Sun’s first exhibition in BuildTech Asia 2016 was very well-received!   This year has been an exciting and fulfilling year for Kheng Sun. It is the Company’s 50th Anniversary and is also our first involvement in BuildTech Asia 2016. A big thank you goes to Kheng Sun’s Trusted Partner, ACME Equipment Pte Ltd, for their generous support in this exhibition.
  A refreshing look to Kheng Sun's catalogue!
In conjunction with the exhibition, Kheng Sun has given its brochure a new refreshing look, which was completed just in time for the exhibition (Download our e-Brochure here).   All our staff has put in great effort in the preparation prior to the actual showcase – from selection of equipment, actual display; to engaging our visitors during the exhibition. We are very humbled to see many visitors showing great interest and support in our equipment. We hoped that we have served you well and that you will continue to see Kheng Sun as your reliable construction equipment solutions provider.
  Highlight Exhibit - Wacker Neuson's 803 Dual Power Mini Excavator with Atlas Copco's smallest Hydraulic Breaker SB 52
The highlight exhibits for this year are – Dual Power Mini Excavator and the smallest excavator attachment – SB 52 Hydraulic Breaker. Other exhibits can be found in the photos and descriptions below.   Don’t worry if you have missed us this year. We will be back next year in BuildTech Asia 2017! Follow us on our social media or come back here for more updates nearing the event. We hope to see you there!

Gallery – Other Exhibits

  [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="2691,2689,2690,2692"] Interested to find out more? Browse through our website & drop us an enquiry, or simply call us directly for assistance!
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6. Partnership with Wacker Neuson Singapore

Meet the team from Wacker Neuson & Kheng Sun - From left to right: Derrick Tee (Wacker), Gavin Goh (Wacker), Hafiz Mohamed (Wacker), Supandi Ahmed (Wacker), Max Tan (Wacker), Lester Koh (Wacker), Toh Yee Sian (Kheng Sun), Kam Wai Siong (Wacker) & William Soh (Wacker) Credits: Wacker Neuson Singapore
Kheng Sun is honoured to be awarded by Wacker Neuson Singapore as the First Compact Equipment Dealer in the South and Southeast Asian region.   In this competitive industry, Kheng Sun has succeeded in continuing to widen its equipment portfolio with the addition of compact equipment range, after being awarded by Wacker Neuson as the first Compact Equipment dealer in the South and Southeast Asian region.   Kheng Sun was one of the first to purchase Wacker Neuson’s compact excavators – EZ28 and EZ38, pushing this young brand in Singapore, and has ever since, received much positive feedback from many work sites.   Wacker Neuson strongly believes that a strong relationship and great teamwork are important to build the brand and partnership. This is also to ensure that the aftermarket service is rendered immediately and support is provided within the shortest time. With Kheng Sun’s strength in service, complementing with Wacker Neuson’s extensive support in terms of their product range, customized solutions and services; both are sure this partnership is a reliable one for their clients. Mr. Toh, son of the founder of Kheng Sun Hiring Equipments Pte Ltd, added that, “due to our common goals, we are able to penetrate into the market through reliable services, premium quality and innovative solutions.”
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