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Cleaning & Polishing Pad (Set of 5)

KGS FLEXIS® FF Pads (Wet/ Dry Cleaning, Polishing)


These pads comes in packs of 5 of 4 grit sizes. Each pack is used on a single head machine. It is a 4 step system which cleans and polish the floor surface at the same time. No crystallization or buffing chemicals needed. Only water is required.


Grit #:

  • 400 – Coarse pad for normal surface cleaning.
  • 800 – Medium pad for light cleaning and produces light reflective shine.
  • 1500 – Fine pad for polishing and produces reflective shine.
  • 3000 – Very fine pad for both wet or dry applications for great shine polish. Can use daily to maintain and improve polish shine.


Suitable Machines:

  • Single head machines (e.g. floor preparation machine), automatic floor cleaning machines, oscillating or orbital machines, scrubber driers and high speed burnishers.


Workable Materials:

  • Ceramic tiles, composite tiles, epoxy, granite, limestone, linoleum, marble and other soft stone, polished concrete, terrazzo and vinyl/ plastic.


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